Regulatory provisions for products in the field of Life Sciences

Labelling and advertising of products must not only consider classical IP laws but also various regulations on foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco, commodities and cosmetics, therapeutic means (drugs and medical devices), as well as narcotics and chemicals.

With the coming into force of the revised Federal Law on Technical Trade Barriers in 2010 products which have been put lawfully on the EC respectively the EEA market shall in principle also circulate freely without additional controls in Switzerland. Accordingly Swiss producer will have the possibility to manufacture their national products and export products according to the EC regulations or - in case of missing or incomplete harmonization in the EC - according to the regulations of any EC/EEA-Member State.

Legal sources
- Law on Therapeutic Products, LTP
- Medical Devices Ordinance, MDO (MepV)

Further information Swissmedic

Further information Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG

Further information Federal Office of Public Health FOPH

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