Indications of origin, protected indications of source (AOC) and protected geographical indications (PGI)

A sign only then constitutes an indication (declaration) of origin if it is understood - directly or indirectly - as reference to a certain origin for the products labelled with such mark. In general such indications of origin cannot be monopolized.

However, geographical names of an area or a place which serve to indicate an agricultural product or a processed agricultural product and the geographical circumstances to which it mostly or exclusively owes its unique quality or characteristics can be registered as protected indications of source (AOC, AOP or AO) or protected geographical indications (PGI). AOCs or PGIs are reserved exclusively for use by producers who are from the corresponding geographical region and who meet the corresponding requirements.

The attorneys of Swissberg advise you comprehensively on questions in Swiss Law as well as in international law regarding the use of indications of origin for your products.

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