2016: Recognition as leading trademark attorneys in Switzerland

In the recent 2016 edition of "The World's Leading Trademark Professionals / WTR 1000" the legal services SWISSBERG have again been emphasized: "A fantastic IP boutique with cost efficient services and a pristine track record, Swissberg effortlessly dispatches a diverse array of prosecution and enforcement briefs across a number of industries". This corresponds to what researchers have mentioned already in the past: "Efficient unit Swissberg achieves impressive results through its finely balanced approach which takes both legal and corporate necessities into account". This reflects our firm's philosophy very well. SWISSBERG has not only been ranked and recommended for trademark enforcement and litigation, but also for trademark prosecution and strategy.
Christian Rohner is again highlighted as one of the top trademark litigators in Switzerland: "Aggressive in enforcing his clients' rights when required, Christian Rohner always replies to queries in an exhaustive way"; this also matches with previous results ("The remarkably accessible and dedicated Christian Rohner produces a consistently top-quality work product and is a zealous advocate of his patrons' rights").
Also in 2016 Christian Rohner is recognized as a leading trademark practitioner in Switzerland by "The International Who's Who of Trademark Lawyers" ("straightforward and business-oriented" / "extremely flexible and provides excellent, tailored advice").
Furthermore, Christian Rohner received "CLIENT CHOICE AWARD 2015" for trademark matters in Switzerland.
We thank our clients who have already entrusted us in the past!

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