Customs - CAPIP.EU

Customs Authorities' Assistance and Custom Actions are an efficient way to prevent trademark and product piracy.

Swissberg is the member law firm for Switzerland on the new CAPIP.EU platform, the Coalition Against Piracy in Europe. CAPIP.EU is an association providing a Europe-wide anti-counterfeiting network of lawyers experienced in IP and in particular in anti-counterfeiting matters.

CAPIP.EU is a coalition of independent law firms with strong local expertise in all European jurisdictions. By subscribing to the CAPIP.EU service, companies get access to a reliable network of IP experts who cooperate with national customs authorities to detect, seize and eliminate infringing goods.

What you get is

  • the best protection against counterfeiting and piracy in 29 jurisdictions in Europe
  • a single point of contact together with a vast network of experts
  • cost effect proceedings with uniform pricing principles and capped fees per case
  • an efficient management through a customized web module with free 24/7 web access to your files and cases
  • coordination of information and analyses of patterns of counterfeit traffic
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